How to create an ideal customer avatar

How to create an ideal customer avatar

When I start off with my clients, I always love to focus on what their goals are and then also understand who are their ideal client personas.

To get the best out of each social media platform we need to have a goal for each quarter.

With this in place we can build three client avatars. Here are the steps

  1. Start with your company vision
  2. Build out 3 separate persons
  3. Give them a name, age, occupation
  4. List their challenges/problems
  5. In the final column we note solutions to their pain points

For your business it may be the following solutions:

  1. Offer a free or paid audit of their situation
  2. Offer a tailored service to help them overcome their problem

If you do not like building out persona’s on excel, you can also use Hubspot’s Buyer Persona Tool.

This tool steps you through each profile so you can tailor your content to each ideal client. 

Now with this information at hand, we can then start creating content that talks to your audience and converts into more business.

If you would like a hand with your social media content, please contact us today