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Meet Nora, the founder and director of Trusted Socials

The most successful people in this world understand that time is their most valuable asset. They delegate whatever they can to free up their time to do things that only thaey can do. Equally, they know that having a great team behind them, a team they can trust is incredibly crucial to the success of their business.

This is where we come in.

Facebook Ads


We can manage your complete Facebook and Instagram paid Advertising campaigns for you.

These alternative suits a lot of businesses that may not have the time or energy to focus on Facebook Advertising and would rather leave it to a professional to manage. With over 3 year’s experience in Facebook Advertising, we live and breathe the strategies involved in creating profitable campaigns. We specialise in lead generation for local businesses.

Because every business’s needs will differ, please contact us for a quote on how we can manage your business’s Facebook Advertising campaigns from the beginning right to the end.


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Case Study

The Director of this Commercial Property Agency wanted his business to be well-known within the Hunter Valley & Newcastle

Brand Awareness

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Google Business Profile

Combination of Facebook Ads & Organic Social Media
Impressions: 31.87K
Followers Growth: 913%
Time period: 4.5 months



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