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Meet Nora, the founder and Director of Trusted Socials

The most successful people in this world understand that time is their most valuable asset. They delegate whatever they can to free up their time to do things that only thaey can do. Equally, they know that having a great team behind them, a team they can trust is incredibly crucial to the success of their business.

This is where we come in.

FB Ads


We can manage your complete Facebook and Instagram paid Advertising campaigns for you.

These alternative suits a lot of businesses that may not have the time or energy to focus on Facebook Advertising and would rather leave it to a professional to manage. With over 3 year’s experience in Facebook Advertising, we live and breathe the strategies involved in creating profitable campaigns. We specialise in lead generation for local businesses.

Because every business’s needs will differ, please contact us for a quote on how we can manage your business’s Facebook Advertising campaigns from the beginning right to the end.

Social Media


Walk away with a marketing blueprint and take your charity or business to the next level.

Do you jump from one marketing trend to the next, never sure which will give you the biggest bang for your buck? Or maybe you’re so overwhelmed by the endless options, you have no idea where to start? A marketing plan cuts through the confusion and gives you the clarity to focus your time, money and energy where it matters most. I’ll work with you to create a realistic and actionable strategy that you can confidently implement yourself – without feeling overwhelmed.

Social Media


Not sure what to post on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram?

Do you love to dive into the analytics to double down on the posts that did the best?… No
Well, let us take care of it for you, so you can take care of your business. Let’s chat about a tailored package to suit your budget and needs. Starting at $750.00 per month.

Our social media management packages include


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